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We want the Irish public to become more security conscious. A recent survey found that Irish households still regularly leave the door open. You may be surprised to hear that 30% of break-ins are from entering an unlocked door.

We've compiled this list of five quick security tips which can be applied to everyone's home. We can all be guilty of being lackadaisical from time to time with our home's security, but a break-in it's something nobody can afford to risk.

Over one in every four Irish household's have reported being a victim of a break-in.

Follow the tips from the video for a safer home. Don't wait, secure your home today, avoid becoming another statistic. 


Video: 5 Quick Home Security Tips

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Our Five Home Security Tips

5) Never Leave Door & Windows Unlocked

80% of break-ins occur through your front door, back door and back window. In the summer months, we like to air our homes when the sun comes out and it actually gets too hot and stuffy. However, remember that an open window or door is a main entry point for a burglar, so always lock your doors and windows when you're not at home.

4) Lock Your Ladders Away in A Secure Garage

Burglars don't really carry ladders, but they'll happily use yours to gain access to upstairs windows. Homeowners often have ladders out in the summer when they're cutting the hedges, emptying their gutters etc. By simply storing your ladder in a locked garage or shed, it could save your home against an intrusion.

3)  Move Your Keys Away From Your Letter Box

Burglars always want easy access into your home, getting in and out as quickly as possible. They may look into your letter box to see are keys close-by. If you leave keys near your door, you run the risk of getting them 'fished' out by an intruder. Always make sure your house or car keys aren't visible or easy to access from a front or back door.

2) Never Leave A Spare Key Under A Mat, Flower Pot or Garden Stone

It's something we've all been guilty of in the past. As family members are out enjoying late nights and last-minute plans, it's easy to text home ask someone to leave a key out, but when you do this, you might as well leave the door wide open. Burglars will go from home to home searching under welcome mats and flower pots for a key, because you have to remember they want to make their job as easy as possible. If you do want to leave your keys out, you can store them in the HomeSecure KeySafe for the ultimate protection.

1) Secure your Home With A Monitored Alarm

Most importantly, secure your home with a monitored alarm. You’re statistically three times safer in a monitored home. Ensure your house gets the protection it deserves. Burglars will think twice before even entering your home when they see ‘HomeSecure Monitored Alarm’ on your Intruder Deterrent AlarmBox.

Statistics taken from Independent Research carried out by Accuracy Research on behalf of HomeSecure. Results based on 1,008 respondents and are nationally representative. Additional security stats taken from An Garda Siochana website site and other industry sources.