Find My Current Alarm System

Already own a home alarm? Whether it is monitored or not, we may be able to take over that system; you could even avail of free state of the art ZeroWire™ panel. Are you an old Eircom Phonewatch customer? We can take over all of these systems because of their sensor compatibility, helping save you money on your monthly monitoring fees. See the benefits of joining HomeSecure, Ireland's fastest growing alarm company. Search the images and names below to find your alarm to see if it's compatible for a switch to HomeSecure. 

You can also trade-in any alarm system if you wish to receive a brand new alarm system for just €99.


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If this is your home alarm, you can switch to our state-of-the-art ZeroWire™ system. 

You'll also save on your monthly monitoring fees. 



If this is your home alarm, you can switch to HomeSecure and we will take over your monitoring, saving you hundreds on your monitoring bills.



House Alarm Trade-In Offer

With our latest offer, you can trade-in any alarm system and get a brand new seven sensor pack for just €99, securing a further €100 off our best online offer. This deal is strictly while stocks last, so make sure you secure your booking today. 

Can't Find Your alarm? 

Email in a picture of your panel to and we'll see if you can take over your system for free or if you need a brand new ZeroWire system™.

Whether you can switch for free or upgrade to a new full system, you can enjoy a free panel as well as savings on your monthly monitoring. 

We promise to respond to all emails within one business day.


Why We Don't Take Over Wired Alarm Systems

  • We don't take over wired-alarm systems because we feel that the wireless system we offer is far superior
  • Our wireless system can be linked up to your app, so you can arm and disarm it from your phone, whether you're home or out and about
  • Our wireless ZeroWire™ alarm can be connected up to other security products, allowing you to sync up a camera and other security products, providing you with a safer home
  • Wireless home alarms are much more reliable than wired ones, ours works off both a GSM card as well as your Wi-Fi, so you're connection will never go
  • Wireless alarms are much simpler and quicker to install, so we won't have to drag cables throughout your house during the installation
  • The installation of the wireless home alarm is a peaceful process, only a few holes are drilled (when mounting the panel and the sensors), so you'll be able to work from home if you wish during the alarm install
  • If you ever move home, you can bring the alarm panel and the sensors with you
  • For more information on the benefits of our home monitoring, please click the button below