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Offer Includes:

  • A ZeroWire™ advanced Z-Wave alarm panel.

  • A set mix of sensors (Door, Window and Motion) tailored to best secure your home.

  • Free SmartPlug to control a connected device from your phone.

  • Free Smartphone App – which allows you to arm / disarm your alarm remotely.

  • Installation, which only takes 90 minutes to complete.

You get all this for just €99!

home alarm special offer

Secure your home this March, so your home isn’t a target for burglars

  • Plug in any item into the SmartPlug and control it from your HomeSecure App

  • To further light up evenings attach a lamp to our SmartPlug and control it from anywhere in the world provided with your phone provided you have an active internet connection.

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Why HomeSecure:

  • We're 100% Irish-owned and licenced by the Private Security Authority (PSA).

  • We offer unbeatable value for money.

  • Next day installations available.

  • We're partnered with Chubb Ireland, one of the most respected names in Irish security for our 24/7 monitoring.

  • We guarantee the quickest response time possible our monitoring partner Chubb will call you or your keyholders.

  • In the event of a verified break in they will contact the appropriate authorities.

  • We offer market leading, easy to use, technology with our smart house alarm system.

    • Our ZeroWire™ alarm panel is one of the most sophisticated on the Irish market.

Free Phone: 1800911731

What is a SmartPlug?

Start your journey of home automation with the HomeSecure SmartPlug. The SmatPlug is designed to work alongside our ZeroWire alarm panel.


Control your Home from anywhere in the world, remotely access HomeSecure’s Smart Plug via the HomeSecure App. Plug and play: simply plug your any item into your SmartPlug and control when it comes on or off through your Homesecure App.

If you're not home, switch on a light to give the impression the house is occupied to deter intruders. Simply plug a lamp into your SmartPlug and then manage it from your App.

Set an item to come at a certain time every day. In the winter set the heating to come on 15 minutes before you come home from work or simply warm up your coffee machine so it's ready to go when you wake up.

Safety features: switch off hazardous items such as hair straightener / irons so they don't overheat.

Save energy by being able to turn off TV, Computer, gaming systems as you go to bed at the touch of a button or even ensuring they are off when you are away

Value For Money

Are you interested in a cost-effective way to protect your home? A monitored alarm acts as an extra layer of assurance for you and your home; helping you avert the stress and disturbance of a break-in. We have a Spring special offer, you can secure your home for just €99.

Fill in a form or call to secure this deal. We have nationwide coverage and next day installations available, call us today to see how soon we can install in your area!

  • We've reduced our up-front fee to just €99, making it even easier to secure your home, saving you €100!

    • This week you also get a free SmartPlug, which is an added saving of €90.

  • Our monitoring fees have also been reduced 12.5% to only €1.15 per day - which isn't much to pay to protect your home.

    • This is billed monthly at €34.95 per month and guaranteed for at least three years. Saving you €180!

    • Our monitoring fee also includes a full service warranty i.e. free servicing and replacement of any faulty parts.

  • Home insurance companies offer up to 20% off their price if you have a monitored house alarm.

  • Our house alarm works off a GSM sim card and WiFi meaning there's no need for that expensive landline.

Trust to protect what matters most, today. 

Avoid becoming another statistic, enquire now for a zero commitment quote

Terms and conditions:

*Joining is subject to a three year minimum monitoring term. Our Spring promotion, ends March 29th 2019. HomeSecure reserve the right to extend this offer at any time. All customers fully own their system at the end of their 3 year term. We guarantee no price increase during their 3 year contract period. Free servicing and replacement parts covers all faults for the duration of your initial contract term, this does not cover accidental damage or service visits outside of business hours.