Why are burglars targeting newly built homes?

Why are burglars targeting newly built homes?

Gardaí have revealed why burglars are targeting newly built homes just before people are set to move in. Burglary gangs are targeting the homes in the knowledge that they’re fully equipped with new kitchen appliances, furniture and often electronic equipment.

These gangs know that nobody will be in the home, that there will be very few witnesses, especially in a newly built estate and that the items in the home will be brand new and easy to sell on.

intruder looking into home

One estate in Bettystown, Co. Meath, had five houses targeted over one weekend. One home-owner in Bettystown who had his new home targeted had around €600 worth of items stolen. He has urged people moving into a new home to get a house alarm as soon as possible.

Here at HomeSecure, we unfortunately have had customers sign up to us after their new home or a neighbouring home in a new estate was targeted. Gangs are watching homes, seeing you load the house up with items and then leaving.

A new house alarm with HomeSecure costs from just €99 and if anyone attempts to gain access you and your keyholders will receive a call from our monitoring partner Chubb. You’ll also get a guaranteed Garda response sent to your new home. More importantly, we specialise in burglar prevention, having a HomeSecure deterrent box outside your home makes your home three times less likely to be targeted. Burglars want an easy and quiet in-and-out job, don’t give them one!

Are you moving into a new home? Call us on 1800911740 to see how we could protect your home and prevent it from being targeted.