Five Handy Tips if You're Ever the Victim of a Break-In

The CSO recently revealed that there were 16,969 burglaries and related offences in Ireland in 2018. Getting broken into is something that nobody ever wants to happen to them, but with two homes being broken into every hour last year alone and almost half of these taking place in Dublin, it something that has to be considered.

HomeSecure previously revealed one in five Irish households are likely to be broken into in their lifetime, this increases to one in four for Dublin households. With these numbers, we feel it’s important to be mindful of what to do after you have been broke into.

When you know you have had an intruder in your home, it can make you feel vulnerable and uneasy. However when a break-in happens, you do need to act. We’ve compiled a handy list of what to do if your house is ever broken into:


1)      Phone the Gardaí to make them aware of the burglary.

2)      Take note of items that have been stolen

3)      Let them know the details and value of the goods that were taken. Again your list will come in handy here to keep you organized during a stressful time

4)      Make sure you take correct security procedures. Simply locking doors and windows can often be overlooked. 25% of burglars enter through an unlocked entry point

5)      Update your home security measures. A monitored alarm is the best way to deter potential intruders

HomeSecure, Ireland’s fastest growing monitored alarm company revealed that their customers are 8.5 times less likely to be broken into.

CEO Colm Daly talked about the importance of protecting your home and how an alarm adds peace of mind, especially after an intrusion.

“We always aim to prevent burglaries, focusing on crime prevention, not crime control. If an intruder is fully set on breaking into one particular home, they will do that, but we know having your home labelled as a “monitored home” will prevent so many break-ins. We’re delighted to reveal that last year our customer’s homes were over eight times safer than the national average household. We’ve had a lot of customers join us after a break-in and informed us that they can now sleep, knowing that they’re being looked after.

If you are a victim of a burglary, we do recommend our five points above. There’s a propensity to think that ‘oh I’ll never use an alarm’ or ‘the kids will never remember to set it’, but we know that 98% of our customers very regularly use their alarm. Technology has also moved on and you can see if your alarm has been set or not and arm / disarm it from the app, so you don’t have to worry that it won’t be used.

If you’re interested in finding about more about our monitored alarm solution call 1800911740.

Also if you’re looking to register a break-in, you can declare theft up to the value of €1,000 on the Garda website.