Gardaí urge people to lock up and light up this Winter

Unfortunately, with the darker winters evenings, Ireland always sees an increase in crime at the end of the calendar year. In their latest winter anti-burglary campaign, the Gardaí are urging people to lock up and light up, to try and cut down on break-ins.

In their stats, they revealed that 46% of all burglaries in winter occur from 5pm - 11pm. The darker hours becoming more opportunistic for thieves, with just over seven and a half hours of sunlight in December and Christmas gifts often stored in the home, burglary season is sadly just around the corner.

The average amount stolen in Ireland per break in is €600, with jewelry, cash, computers, mobile phones, TVs and game consoles the most common items taken. With HomeSecure you can monitor your home for 18 months for less than the total amount typically taken.

Surprisingly the most common point of entry for burglaries is the front door, followed by the back door, front and back windows. This may come as a shock to many people, but just two years ago Liberty Insurance  revealed that one in six Irish adults often don't lock their front doors. Gardaí are urging people to change their behavior when it comes to not securing their homes especially this time of the year and lock up their windows and doors.

They go on to advise people to keep keys away from windows and letterboxes, which could be easy for intruders to swipe.

Finally, the Gardaí are urging people to use alarms. All of our alarms are monitored, so, if there was a confirmed break-in, the Gardaí as well as our monitoring station would be alerted.

Check out their appeal video in full below:

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