Top 5 Bungled Burglaries

Here at HomeSecure we pride ourselves on bringing peace of mind to our customers and stopping burglars. Some burglars make our live easier by stopping themselves! The old adage is crime doesn’t pay, but these criminals were really paying a heavy price for their attempted crimes. Enjoy our favourite examples from around the world of bungled burglaries!


Let’s kick things off in the Far East with our quickest act of karma, within 3 seconds of these two attempting to break-into a convenience store in China, one is left unconscious. The CCTV footage will show the entire escapade in full slapstick detail. Laurel and Hardy would be envious of their comedic double act.

They approach a glass door both armed with bricks cocked at the ready, upon readying themselves the take aim and fire in sequence the first catching the glass and causing significant damage, the second brick slightly askew… catches one of the would be thieves in the head and he is immediately knocked unconscious.

We hope that having taken this blow to not only their ego’s, they have given up on their life of crime and will focus on safer endeavors. After the footage was released by the Chinese police they were immediately branded the dumbest criminals in the world and representative for the Shanghai Public Security Bureau stated “If all burglars were like this, we wouldn’t need to work overtime.”


Mobile phones are ruining our lives… is a view held by many, one burglar who would agree is Jamie Frederickson. Just last week the 47 year old was linked with a burglary of a home in Swansea, Wales when he was caught returning to the area to retrieve his mobile phone. His wife tried calling the phone after her husband misplaced it, only for a family member of the victim to answer.

The unaware burglar was snared when family members of the 75 year old occupant of the burgled home, used his mobile to set-up a meeting to return the phone under the guise of having found it on the road in the nearby area. They arranged for the police to present at the meetup and Mr Frederickson was arrested shortly thereafter. The Jewellery that he stole was never recovered and Mr Frederickson claimed to have no recollection of having committed the crime.


Two easily identifiable thieves approached a house in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. In the below video you will see the ineptitude of the two thieves as they attempts to steal a giant flat screen TV. They enter the home without covering their faces and walking straight past a security camera.

What follows is an attempt to exist in the wonderful world of Mary Poppins. The two burglars clearly feel that much like Mary’s bag being bigger on the inside, that their car is also bigger on the inside. Despite persistent attempts by the two men to angle the cumbersome television into the vehicle, eventually they must accept reality and decide to return the television to the home.


The misadventures of youth have been encapsulated in this incident that is reminiscent of the classic C.S Lewis Story the Chronicles of Narnia. A young women in her 20’s went to investigate mysterious noises coming from her upstairs wardrobe.

Will she find inside; a portal to the faraway land of Narnia? No... Inside the wardrobe is young man no more than 16. Startled she slammed the door on him repeatedly. Injured, the young burglar pleaded with the homeowner to release him. She obliges by freeing him from his confinement inside the wardrobe.

He attempted to flee further from the house only to find all the door locked, she unlocked the front door to let him leave and he thanked her with a hug and off into the hustle and bustle of Limerick city he went.


Two amateurish burglars think they have pulled off the perfect heist, having made off with a large sum of cash from a travel agents in Manchester. Employees stated that the men stuffed the cash down their trousers and then made their exit.

They made their escape up the street to the getaway vehicle trailing cash as they clambered away.

One of the men is caught on CCTV footage as he stoops in traffic attempting to collect all his ill-gotten gains. He takes little notice of the traffic or the immediacy of his situation as he goes about his business of refilling his take.

This video shows the glorious moments as the burglar chases the wind swept cash.