Burglars hit three shopfronts in Stepaside in a matter of minutes

Since the Closure of the Garda Station in Stepaside there have been a string of burglaries.

The latest occurred on Tuesday Morning at 6:15am with three store fronts targeted just a few yards from where the Garda Station had been. These shameless burglars divided their responsibilities between instigator and getaway driver. One suspect remained in a black Renault Megane while the other, proceeded to carry out the burglaries.

The instigator first attempted to gain entry to Flemings butcher shop, but briefly abandoned that plan and moved on instead to the Simply Fresh fruit and vegetable shop next door. Here he was caught on CCTV footage using a hammer and persistent blows to the glass storefront to gain entry to the premises.

His combination of hammer swings and kicks proved successful, yet he spent no-more than a minute in the Simply Fresh shop before jumping in the getaway vehicle and driving around the corner to Borza take-away. He used the same tactic of smashing the glass with the hammer and absconded with a tray from the cash register before returning to Flemings once again.

Stillorgan Restaurant ‘RIBA’ shared these images of the butchers, chipper and fruit and veg shops which were targeted yesterday morning.

The burglar left with the contents of the cash register in the takeaway and the butchers. Although he gained entrance to the fruit and veg shop, we don’t think he took any contents.

His return was more fruitful with him leaving having emptied the contents of the Flemings cash register, but then witnesses saw the getaway vehicle driving out of the villages in the direction of Enniskerry.

Michael Fleming outlined the urgent need for a Garda Station in the community, he said "The community is living in fear. My shop was broken into less than a year ago”. The Borza had already been broken into this year as well.

Paola Borza furthered this idea by explaining how he had been burgled in April and at the time they had drilled a safe from the wall.

The Gardaí are collecting visual and forensic evidence from throughout the village. One suspect a man in his twenties has been arrested and is being detained at Dundrum Garda station.

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