Burglars plead guilty after leaving tracks in snow

“If the shoe fits…” this common phrase is used to describe when someone should inherently accept a hard truth. Two burglars from the 2018 snow storm had to accept a hard truth after their recent court appearances. During the wild storm ‘The Beast from the East on 2nd of March 2018 two men left a trail of their crimes.

Mark O’Shea was responsible for a theft of a sum of cash for a Dublin restaurant during the Beast from the East last year. The restaurant in question was Moloughney’s in Clontarf on Vernon Avenue. Where €200 worth of cash had been stolen from the till.

The capital had been blanketed in snow which had closed many businesses, as such Mr O’Shea must have seen his opportunity. Unfortunately for him he did not commit the perfect crime. He left a key piece of evidence behind, which Gardaí used to locate him. Mr O’Shea had failed to realise that he had left a trail of footprints in the snow.

Gardaí soon caught up to Mr O’Shea and tackled him to the ground after he attempted to flee. A Garda stated that “the accused did not encounter anybody during the burglary, but put up quite a struggle with officers”.

Recently Mr O’Shea was arraigned and Judge Hughes gave him a six month sentence due to the lack of violence involved in the incident and mitigating factors such as Mr O’Shea receiving treatment for drug dependency.

Another man who tried his luck in the snow, but left a trail behind him was Michael Harty who attempted to burgle his neighbour at Cooper Beech View Roscrea. The occupant was in the house when Mr Harty entered the property. He bolted from the house when he was challenged by the occupant. When that Gardaí arrived the found a set of footprints lead to Mr Harty’s house.

Judge MacGrath adjourned the burglary hearing until July 12th of this year to allow Mr Harty to attend alcohol addiction therapy.

A substantial snow storm seems unlikely to happen again this time of the year, so we won’t have the luxury of being able to trace the footsteps of intruders. Remember to stay vigilant and always set your monitored alarm, even when you’re home.

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