7 Seasonal Home Security Tips

Christmas Day is now less than one week away, soon all the stress of shopping and planning will all fade away, once we’re sat down around the dinner table with our loved ones. That is the ideal picture, we all want at Christmas time, but a home intrusion can unfortunately disrupt your festivities.

The last thing we want to imagine is our homes being targeted by burglars during the Christmas period, but unfortunately it is something that happens every year. We know that burglaries increase by at least 20% once the clocks go back every winter and the AA recently revealed that 42% of burglary related home insurance claims were made between October 2016 and January 2017. That is no surprise with houses all over the country full of brand new, expensive toys, phones, jewellry, game consoles etc.

To help protect your home this Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of festive home security tips.

1)      If you leave the home empty at night, leave a light on to give it a lived-in look

a.       You can also use a SmartPlug to control from your HomeSecure App to have a lamp come on at the same time every night

hand on smartphone

2)      Always set your alarm, even when you are home

a.       The most common time for burglaries in Winter are between 5pm – 11pm, when you’re more likely to be home

b.      Always check your HomeSecure app to see if your alarm is set or not

3)      Always lock your doors and window, burglars love a hassle-free entrance into your home

4)      Shut internal doors, so nobody can see all the way through your home

5)      Be clever with your social media, don’t share photos of expensive gifts or put up a status like “off to Gran Canaria for Christmas”. Burglars will scroll social media accounts to look for an easy target

man leaving home

6)      If you are lucky enough to be away for a long period of time, ask a neighbour to park a car in your drive to make it look like someone is home

7)      Secure your home with a monitored alarm

All HomeSecure customers have already taken the final step, which will help prevent their home from being targeted. We urge you now to make sure you always use your alarm regardless of whether you’re in or out of your home.

Earlier this year, we revealed (when compared to the most recent Q2-2018 CSO statistics) HomeSecure homes were 13.5 times safer than the national average. Once your alarm is on, remember you’re getting 24/7 protection, so sit back and enjoy your favourite Christmas movie or spending time with loved ones.

We want to wish all our HomeSecure customers a very Merry Christmas and a safe and secure New Year.