Public Opinion, are Burglaries on the Rise?

Our customers report high levels of peace of mind due to being monitored by HomeSecure. In 2017 we carried out independent research into the public’s perception of safety in their home. We had 1008 respondents when outliers were removed and we found that 62% of responders felt that they were less safe in their home than the previous year and that burglaries were on the rise.

Our research further pointed to subjective worry over their property when they were in work, this is despite the weight of evidence indicating that between 5pm to 11pm are the busiest times for burglaries.


Despite CSO figures to the contrary, which have been showing a decrease in burglary figures quarter on quarter with the latest quarters trending downwards 10% Year on Year. Evidence seems to suggest that the year will end with a lower rate of burglar than 2017.

The AA recently carried out a Home Insurance survey asking respondents to grade their subjective feelings on safety in their home. Of the 4000 people survey more than 50% responded that there was an escalation in anxiety over burglaries when compared with the previous year.  Further to this, homeowners worry more about the safety of friends and family members, as high as 55% of homeowners had growing fears for the safety of friends and family members. This was a magnification of their worries on burglaries in prior years.

Their research also found that homeowners are in favour of harsher punishments, they were asked whether the courts were doing enough to deal with burglaries and 41% strongly disagreed with the statement.

A spokesperson for the AA Arwen Foley stated “Installing a burglar alarm, putting timers on your lights and asking a friend or neighbour to drop in on occasion, when you’re gone for long periods, can go a long way to preventing burglaries.

In summary homeowners continue to have growing fears about burglaries being on the rise and both their own home and that of family and friends being targeted this is in contravention of CSO figures. A mitigating point to consider with CSO figures is the number of unreported rural burglaries.

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