Did you know our security pack has pet friendly sensors?

Pets play a big role in Irish homes with 34% of households owning a cat or dog. We’re big fans of our furry friends here at HomeSecure which is why all our internal motion sensors are pet friendly!

Our canine best friends often feel like they are the ones protecting the home but it’s important that we do our best to protect our furry friends who are often home alone when burglaries are most likely to happen.

As part of our home security pack, we provide seven wireless sensors, which is more than enough to secure most Irish homes. The pack comes with a combination of door, window and internal motion sensors.

alarm engineer and dog

If you tell one of our engineers that you have a pet on the day of the installation and we will angle the sensors, so medium and smaller dogs won’t set off the alarm system when they’re walking around the home.

If you happen to own a small horse or a very energetic cat it can be a bit trickier, however we can always find a solution! As cats can jump on tables and counters, they can easily set off alarm sensors. With clever zoning and our handy ‘At Home’ Stay mode, HomeSecure’s security pack can be worked to maximise their freedom to roam their home.

When you’re at home, you can set the alarm to the Stay Mode and this arms your perimeter sensors, but not your internal ones. So you, your family and your pets can walk around the home without setting the alarm off.

If you want more information on our home security pack and pet friendly sensors, please call 1800 911 740.