Gardaí & PSNI Join Forces On Cross-Border Burglary Gang

A joint task-force has been set up by An Garda Siochana and the PSNI to quash a burglary gang who are suspected of carrying out more than 30 burglaries on both sides of the border in September. They stole large amounts of jewelry and cash.

Burglary gangs are pursuing high value goods such as jewelry and expensive cars and then exporting the stolen goods to the UK where they can be sold to jewelers or cash for gold merchants. Some burglary rings are seeking out foreigners on their holidays in Ireland who might be carrying jewelry or cash.


To aid the operation of the task-force, an officer from Tallaght Garda Station would be work in Northern Ireland, while a PSNI officer would work in Tallaght for a few months.

"The reason for this is that it would lead to even more enhanced co-operation between the two forces in an attempt to dismantle this highly prolific burglary gang."

How a cross border burglary gang has evaded capture

This gang has been linked closely with slain crime lord ‘Fat’ Andy Connors and are well aware of forensic evidence. They have been scrubbing crime scenes with bleach like substances. A recently published report on international gangs has said the burglary gang’s operating in the Republic of Ireland are “highly forensically aware”.

The Gardaí have found through its investigations that the gang has rotated a series of false license plates on a vehicle it has used to cross the border. This has allowed them to evade detection up until this point.

Both law enforcement bodies have compiled detailed information on the gang and their relationships, as well as family trees. They have also assembled a list of vehicles and properties they use and any crimes they have committed.

This gang’s recent activity has been liked to properties that have been unoccupied at the time of the theft and have mostly stolen jewelry and cash, but in the past they have also been involved in extremely violent burglaries. We would encourage all our customers to set their alarm when the leave but also when at home. Remember that the panel has panic buttons in case of emergencies.

"The ultimate aim is to dismantle and destroy this criminal organisation, which has been particularly active in the last decade," a source stated.

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