Home Security Tip For New Home Owners

Are you moving into a newly built home? Whether you’re a first time buyer, downsizing or upgrading to a bigger home, it’s always an exciting time. With the recession a thing of the past and banks’ lending again, new build estates are popping up in all parts of Ireland once again. If you or someone you know is moving into a new estate it’s important to be aware of this home security tip.

The Gardaí previously revealed that burglars were targeting new build homes just before people move in. Burglars are waiting for people to load up their soon-to-be-home with furniture and electrical equipment and then make their move once the homeowners leave again.

The burglary gangs are aware the home will be empty and often in new build estates, the whole road could be vacant, so nobody would see them in the act.

In the summer months, home intruders can get a clear view into a house and in new build estates, they won’t look out of place as they blend into a crowd of hopeful homeowners peering into windows and getting a good look at the inside.

burglar in home

This time last year the Gardaí reported on one estate in Co. Meath that was hit by a burglary gang, raiding five homes in the new build estate.

If you are moving into a new home, it’s important to try and protect it with a working home alarm as soon as you have the keys, even if you haven’t fully moved in yet. As our alarms are monitored 24/7, if someone attempts to gain access to your home, not only will they set off the alarm siren, you’ll also be called and made aware of the activation.

Burglars will be deterred by a home that is clearly marked with a ‘monitored alarm’, they want a quick and easy in and out job.

If you’re looking to secure your new build home with a monitored alarm, contact HomeSecure on 1800911740