Netflix Ireland Top 5 New Family Movies

The start of the New Year is a time for resolutions, and we here at HomeSecure have come up with a fresh plan for 2019 posts. Our resolution is to bring you more family content, you can expect our recommendations for home and away fun activities for all the family. We will create even more content for you to enjoy in 2019. We’ll always look to emphasize home security tips, but we also want to recommend what your family can do, whether you’re home or out and about, take comfort knowing that your home is secure.

There will also be great competitions and exclusive offers for you. So don’t miss out, keep an eye on our blog and social media posts for details.

With the recent cold snap hitting the country, we think it’s perfect to kick off our 2019 ‘Stay Mode’ content with five new to Netflix recommendations for you and your family this month.

Just like most of us do every evening, we trawled Netflix’s menus for a list of our favourite new films to enjoy.

So stick the kettle on, set your alarm to the Stay Mode, knowing your family will be secure while you’re home, kick your shoes off, sit back and relax with some of these top movies.


The Witches 1990 [PG]

Roald Dahl, a master of children’s literature weaves another childhood epic. This pint sized adventure proves that no matter the species heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

This fantasy epic is set between England and Norway and introduces the community of witches with their customs and traditions. We are also told that they hate children, but see how children are their eventual downfall.

The Dark Knight 2008 [12a]

The Dark Knight.jpg

This film is one for your older kids or you when you’re little ones tucked safely in bed, often lauded as one of the best movies ever made, with edge of your seat action and the 11th highest grossing movie of all time. This is Christopher Nolan’s magnum opus, it also helped launch the current comic book movie decade. Batman faces his greatest threat in the Joker, a villain like no other, played by the late great Heath Ledger, who of course picked up as Oscar the role. He is an agent of chaos who seeks to rip Gotham apart and break Batman’s unshakable will.

Get the popcorn out, turn the lights down and enjoy.

ParaNorman 2012 [PG]

Have younger kids? This movie is sure to be re-watched over and over again.


An animated stop-motion adventure, this comedy horror film centres on Norman who is able to see Ghosts. The town don’t believe him and he is segregated by the majority of his peers. He goes on a journey to stop an ancient curse from destroying the town and its occupants and to find a little modicum of peace for all those who were previously persecuted including himself. This weird but wonderful story captures a sense of childhood mystery and struggles.

Inception 2010 [12a]

A sci-fi story for the scientist in the family, about the ability to enter other dreams and plant a seed of an idea, unbeknownst to the dreamer. Nominated for the best picture award in 2010 and winning four other academy awards. Explores ideas on thoughts imagination and will, the main character is looking for a way back home to his family and thus takes a high paying job that involves “incepting” the idea of a splitting up a company into a CEO’s mind. This escapade hinges on the ideas of layers of dream states and the flow of time differing dependent on which level the dreamers experience.

An exceptional journey into thoughts and their relationship to dreaming as well as the nature of reality. How it ends you decided!

Indiana Jones Trilogy 1981-89 [12]

Indiana Jones.jpg

­These are daring adventure films that families can enjoy together and remain a hit with young and old even today. Everyone has a favourite… conventional wisdom leans towards Raiders of the Lost Ark, but many a fan has seen The Last Crusade as the greatest film in the series. Whichever you choose in the end you will enjoy an exploration into many famous historical sites to find mysterious treasures and defeat historical evils.

So hold on to your hats and join Dr Jones as he defeats the Nazis, Gangsters and ancient cults.