Suspected thieves mark houses for burglary in county Offaly

We all take methods to try and secure our homes as best as we can, but have you ever wondered how burglars view your house? Recently a coded message was left by a would-be burglar a number of homes in Offaly, but what do they mean?

Thieves often survey potential targets and will mark them based on their ease of break-in and level of valuable goods in the home. These are mostly found on a walls or footpath outside your home. We recommend you check to see if there are any odd designs outside you or a neighbour’s home? It may be time to perform an audit of your household to try and find the below icons.

Police in the UK previously revealed the meaning behind some of the ‘art-work’ that can be found outside of homes.

criminal tags.jpg

If you have any symbols that match these or similar ones to these on you home, it may be a good idea to paint over them to protect yourself against future attacks.

You’ll notice that one of the top symbols is a home alarm warning, which highlights that burglars will avoid a home with an alarm. A monitored home offers added protection as burglars know these are responded to immediately which increases the risk they’ll be caught red handed.

Only 54% of Irish homes have a house alarm, meaning around 780,000 homes are completely unprotected against an intruder.

Recently the Durrow community group notified of a suspicious black BMW which was driving around the area of Ballysheil in Offaly, the vehicle was noted to have three male occupants and a mark was left on the wall of a house. Which is believed to be a mark indicating to burglars the vulnerability of a property to theft.

The Offaly Express reported that “Marking houses is a known tactic used by suspected burglars. “.

All sightings of suspicious activity should be reported to your local Garda Station +353 906454302

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