New Garda initiative to tackle burglaries with Lock up & Light Up Campaign

The Gardaí have announced an anti-burglary campaign known as Lock Up Light Up, this is to encourage homeowners to protect their homes throughout these darker winter months. During this period of the year burglaries rise by at least 20%.


The Light Up Lock Up campaign is all about ensuring that homeowners remember to lock their doors and windows when they are leaving their house and to set their alarm, homeowners should also double-check that their home is secure before going to bed by checking their locks and setting their alarm to the stay function.


To further champion home security and discourage burglars, light up you home using a timer plug and a lamp or a HomeSecure SmartPlug when you are away from your home. The SmartPlug allows connection of a lamp and you can vary the times of day the lamp is switched on, making a burglar think someone is home.


The Garda Analysis Service has collected data showing that 1/3 of all burglaries are through the front door and burglars primarily use their own body to gain access to dwellings. Earlier this week three shops in Stepaside were burgled using a combination of hammer blows and successive kicks to the shopfront to gain entry.

Other figures to consider are:

  • 5-11pm are the most common time frames for burglaries with nearly half (46%) occurring during these periods.

  • One in five cases of burglary are through and unsecured window or door, they regularly target front windows (8%), back windows (24%) and back doors (26%).

  • Over the past two years 42% of home insurance claims have been between October and January.

  • €600 is the average value of items pilfered from homes also jewelry and cash continue to be the most common items stolen.

  • Letterbox ‘fishing’ is still a concern with Dublin being most at risk, ‘fishing’ is the exercise of lassoing the keys through the letterbox.

  • Dublin has the highest number of break-ins with 40% having previously having home intrusions.

The Lock Up Light Up campaign is running in tandem with Operation Thor which aims to tackle organised crime gangs and repeat offenders has shown promising results with a significant reduction in domestic burglaries since its launch in November 2015.

The Gardaí advise when leaving your home you should ensure that it appears to be occupied. To do this they should use timer switches to turn lights on, lock the windows and doors, protect keys from ‘fishing’ and to set your alarm.

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We further advise our customer to use their SmartPlugs to turn the lights on at different times of the day and to set their alarm to away mode when leaving their home.