Gardaí Investigating Three Domestic Burglaries in Limerick

Summer and its longer days are now here. Even with the brighter days, burglars are still very common place. Recently three households in limerick were victims of burglary. The break-ins occurred in Clonmacken, Caherconlish and Croom. It’s uncertain if the burglaries are related as of yet.

·         In the Clonmacken incident, the intruder entered through an unlocked back door, leaving with a wallet and keys.

·         In Caherconlish, the home intruder smashed a rear window and reached in stealing a handbag.

·         The home in Croom was under construction and had the copper wiring removed from it.

With 32% of break-ins occurring through easy access, it’s important that you always lock your doors and windows. Burglars have often been seen on camera moving home to home, trying front and back doors at night, hoping one will be left open by mistake.

Burglars don’t want trouble when they’re making their move on a home, they want a quick and easy in and out. It’s important not to make their life as easy of possible.

With the recent incident in Clonmacken, it’s further proof that you need to stay vigilant and on top of your home security. In the warmer summer months, we can be guiltier of leaving doors open, we recommend setting a reminder on your phone to go off before you go to bed to double check all your doors are locked. Also remember to set your alarm to the Stay Mode when you are home at night. If someone tries to gain access through a door or window, your alarm will activate.

burglar looking into home

It’s also vital that you don’t leave anything desirable within eyeshot for intruders. In relation to the handbag in Caherconlish, the burglar saw an opportunity and couldn’t resist. Out of site is out of mind, always remember to leave keys, wallets, mobile phone and handbags away from windows / doors. If a burglar has to spend time searching for items, they could risk getting caught. They’re much more likely to strike if they see desirable items within reach.  

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