Two homes in Cork both had over €100,000 stolen in recent break-ins

The Evening Echo revealed that a staggering amount of money has been taken in two burglaries in Cork. The burglars managed to steal more than €100,000 from each of the two homes in Cork.

The Homeowners who were targeted in this latest grand theft, were middle-aged and elderly. Detective superintendent Séan Healy advised homeowners who were wary of depositing large sums in financial institutions to instead consider a safety deposit box to keep their money and valuables safe.

Figures to Consider

There have been over 1,000 burglaries in the first half of the year already in the Cork and Kerry area. During this period of the year burglaries increase by 20% due to the darker evenings.

They are also gearing up for a winter phase of operation Thor which looks to severely cut down on the number of burglaries being carried out by organised gangs and re-offending criminals. They utilise gathered intelligence and burglary trends data to crackdown of these potential criminals.

Light up and lock up

Crime Prevention Officer John Kelly had some advice for homeowners as the evenings get darker

“Light up your home as best possible, use timer switches if you are heading out. Keep your house and car keys away from windows and doors. Put the alarm on, even when you are at home. Don’t keep large amounts of cash or jewellery at home if possible. Most importantly, look out for each other. You can’t beat good neighbours. If you notice anything suspicious, call the Gardaí immediately.”

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