Kildare Residents Warned About Home Security Measures

Gardaí in Naas have urged people to have better home security measures. This comes after recent burglaries in the Clane, Donadea and Calverstown areas. Gardaí are appealing to the public to report anything suspicious they may have seen in the aforementioned areas.

Last weekend, a number of shotguns were stolen from Abbeyfield Farm, an outdoor activity centre in Clane, since then there has been a further string of burglaries in the Kildare area, mainly targeting tools and equipment.

The most valuable haul was believed to be in Calverstown where €3500 worth of equipment was stolen. The burglars stole tools including, DeWalt drills and routers, batteries, a jig saw and a nail gun. Another incident in Calverstown saw €600 worth of tools and equipment taken. 

40 minutes north in Donadea, a chainsaw was among the items robbed from one home. A total of €750 worth of goods was reportedly stolen.

It’s currently unknown whether these burglaries are being performed by one or multiple gangs. However, Gardaí are advising people that many of these burglaries could have been prevented and it’s being recommended to check your current home security measures.

Kildare home security

We previously did a blog around this topic, where you can see how secure your home is.

During Spring and Summer months, people are often leaving items in the garden such as ladders, power tools and lawnmowers. It’s important to lock these down and secure them in a safe location. You never want to give burglars a reason to come onto your property and leaving items in the open can invite trouble.

At HomeSecure, you can secure your house even when you are at home. Activate the Stay Mode to arm your perimeter sensors, protecting you if someone tries to gain access. The Gardaí will also be alerted if someone tries to force their way in through a protected door or window. The Stay Mode is an ideal way to protect your home at night, as you can walk around without setting off the alarm (the last thing you want to hear in the middle of the night), but the perimeter of your home is fully secured. We recommend this to all our HomeSecure customers in Kildare, as these recent incidents are believed to have occurred between 8pm and 8am.

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For anybody looking for more information on a monitored alarm, remember that all of our alarm packs come with an intruder deterrent box which states ‘monitored alarm’. This acts as a huge deterrent for anyone breaking into homes; you’re statistically three times safer in a monitored home.

Our alarm also comes with wireless sensors and you can add a sensor to your shed, so your tools and equipment will be fully secure.

Call us for more information for on our home security system on 1800911740.