Does your insurance company cover you for home burglaries?

Are you secured in the event of a burglary?

Securing your valuables has become more important than ever and it’s also vital that you understand your how your insurance reacts if your home has become a victim of theft. The Irish Independent recently revealed the different permutations on insurance pay-outs.

Burglars “phishing” out car keys is becoming increasingly common and some insurers may refuse to pay out if you are seen to be careless with your keys and leaving them in an unreasonable place. Anywhere where they can be visible from a door or window may be seen as an “unreasonable place”. Recently in the Winter months, we’ve seen cars being stolen in the mornings when people were turning on the ignition, leaving the window screen to de-ice. Insurance companies typically won’t pay out once your keys are in the ignition.

Similarly, with your home, if you don’t lock your door, the burglar isn’t seen to be breaking into a home, they’re just walking in. There often needs to be forced entry to get cover for a burglary. So, it is important to lock your doors at all times.

Most home insurance companies will only cover items up until a certain amount. Aviva, for example will cover up to €2600 for an individual item.

home insurance in the event of a burglary

Insurance companies urge you to remember to insure expensive items that you add throughout the year, an engagement ring for example. Most people just wait until their policy has to be renewed to give an updated contents insurance figure. The most commonly stolen items are jewellery and small electronic devices.

The most important first step to take for your home is to make sure isn’t targeted by burglars. Having a monitored alarm can be a massive deterrent for intruders. Monitored homes are three times less likely to be burgled because robbers are aware of the risk they take when entering a monitored home.

Our top home security tips

1)      Keep car keys out of plain site of doors and windows

2)      Lock your doors at all times, even if you are heading out for a short period

3)      Remember to update your home contents insurance after high value purchase items

4)      Turn your alarm on at all times, even when you are home

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