How To Secure Your Home For Hurricane Ophelia

As Hurricane Ophelia makes its way through Ireland with winds expected to hit up to 185 km/h. Up until yesterday, Ophelia was still classed as a category 3 hurricane. To help prepare for your home’s safety, we have a few quick security tips.

Stay indoors and set your alarm

With Met Eireann issuing their highest possible red warning for the entire county, it’s vital that you stay in-doors. This is predicted to be the worst storm to hit Ireland since 1961, so of course listen to Teresa Mannion’s advice and don’t make any unnecessary journeys. If you are planning a journey, please be aware that most public transport has been cancelled, so check the relevant websites before making a journey.

Clear your garden

If you have any trampolines, goal posts or toys, make sure that you tie them down as tight as possible. With unprecedented winds hitting the country today, don’t risk your trampoline flying into a window.

We recommend leaving your bins in-doors, in a garage if possible unless you want to go around collecting rubbish and recycling tomorrow. Again, don’t risk these flying into you or your neighbours windows are causing unnecessary damage.

hurricane ophelia

If you have any garden tables and chairs, we highly recommend bringing them inside, into a garage / shed if possible or squeeze them into your kitchen if you can. You simply want to reduce the chances of flying debris as much as possible.

Keep your drains clear

Ensure drains aren’t blocked with fallen leaves, in case we experience heavy rain showers. Blocked drains could lead to flooding, so simply sweeping them up from your garden before the storm hits, could keep your home safe.

home alarm

Remember to set your alarm

If you are our visiting elderly neighbours, we appreciate it is a hectic day, but please remember to set your alarm as normal. Power outages are likely to occur in the majority of counties in the country. We’d like to remind all HomeSecure ZeroWire™ customers that your alarm will work for up to 24 hours in the event of a power outage.