Is your home Winter ready and secure from break-ins?

With the hours gone back and sudden the drop in temperature it’s safe to say Winter is truly upon us, but is your home secure?

With burglaries increasing by up to 25% during the winter months it’s vital to ensure your home is Winter-ready.

Darker evenings means a greater opportunity for burglars, according to An Garda Siochana 40% of all Winter burglaries happen between 5pm and 11pm, when you will generally be home.

night time home security

How do you best protect your home from break-ins?

  1. Setting your alarm whether you're at home or away is one of the best ways you can prevent a break-in

  2. Keep your doors locked at all times, 1 in 3 of break-ins occur via an open door

All our Alarms come with a ‘Stay’ mode which will protect your home, especially at night. With the Stay Mode, the alarm will arm the sensors on the perimeter of your home (doors and protected windows), but your motion sensors will be disabled allowing your family and your pets to roam-free, enjoying the comforts of your own home, without setting off the alarm.

With over 90% of Winter break-ins occurring through a downstairs door or window, having your main entry points alarmed, even when you’re home, really important.

A monitored alarm with HomeSecure also offers you great peace of mind because you’ll know you’ll get an immediate response should someone even attempt to gain access to your home. And, with our ‘Stay’ mode feature, no more setting off the alarm when you get up in the night to check on your kids or get a glass of water!

Winter security tips

An Garda Síochána's Top 5 Security Tips for Securing Your Home This Winter:

1)      Secure all your doors and windows

2)      Light up your home, using timer switches when out if possible

3)      Store keys safely away from windows and letterboxes to avoid “fishing”

4)      Record details of valuables (in particular coming up to Christmas) and avoid leaving large amounts of cash at home

5)      Activate your home alarm even when you’re home

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