How to Secure Your Home for The Darker Evenings

It’s almost that time of the year again when the clocks go back and the darker evenings return. We want to make sure that your home is Winter-Ready and you don’t fall victim to a break-in a period where they traditionally rise.

When do the clocks go back?

The clocks will go back at 2am on Sunday morning. Before you go to sleep, remember to wind back your clocks one hour to avoid confusion Sunday morning. Luckily this is the one where is the one where you gain an extra hour sleep.

How to Secure Your Home for The Darker Evenings

1)   Remember to lock your doors

As we previously revealed, the most popular times for break-ins, is between 5pm – 11pm, when you’re most likely to be home. With the darker evenings, it gives intruders a better opportunity to strike during these hours. Your front door (32%) as well as back window (17%) and back door (18%) are the three most common entry points, so locking these doors is vital, even when you’re home.

2)   Set your alarm

It’s also critical that you set your alarm at all times. With our ZeroWire™ alarm panel, it enables you set your alarm to a ‘Stay’ feature, so your family and pets can roam free, while the perimeter of your house is armed. As burglars mainly strike in hours when there are people in the house, please remember to set your alarm, even when you are home.

how to secure your home for the darker evenings

3)   Light up, light up

As you know when your home is vacant in the Winter months, it is much more obvious to passersby. Leaving a couple of lights and a radio on is a tried and tested, but it is one the Gardaí even recommend. Put yourself in the burglar’s shoes for moment, would you be more likely to attempt to break-into the house with the lights on or one that’s completely dark? They want to make their job as easy as possible, so don’t give them any indications that your home is vacant. Simply leaving even one light one could deter an unwanted guest.

4)   Never leave a key out

The darker evenings make it easier for thieves to hide when they go house to house. Again, they will look for an easy access as possible, so they will root for a key to simply let themselves in. Under the cover of darkness, they will go more unnoticed, so never leave a spare key under a mat, pot or garden stone! You’d be shocked how quickly they will fine it. If you do wish to leave your keys out, the KeySafe with its PIN protection and zinc alloy exterior, it’s the safest way to store a spare key.

The 5 key HomeSecure tips this Winter

  1. Set your alarm (whether you’re home or out)

  2. Lock your doors and windows (whether you’re home or out)

  3. Leave a radio on if you are out to make the house seem occupied

  4. Make sure that your house is well-lit to deter intruders

  5. Never leave a key under a mat or plant