How Safe Is Your Home?


The term 'safe as houses' is thrown around quite a lot, but do you know how protected your house actually is? Take our quiz to see exactly how secure your home is.


Results Guide:

0 - 3: Oh no, your home really isn't safe at all! We think you need to ring our sales team to get a monitored alarm like right now!

4 - 7: You're safe enough, but there's room to improve. Take note of your incorrect answers to make your home as safe as possible.

8 - 10: You are a safety king, you laugh in the face of danger because you know you can relax in your home, knowing you're safe!


Remember if you have a monitored alarm, you're 3 times less likely to be broken into. Even if you scored high, make sure you have the most up-to-date monitored alarm, to stay as safe as possible!

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