See the benefits of a house alarm app

See the benefits of a house alarm app

Home security can now just be a click away. After surveying over 1,000 people, earlier this year we discovered that 51% of alarm systems in Ireland are six years or older. These customers may be missing out on vital home security improvements, including a mobile app.

With the HomeSecure app, you can set it anywhere in the world, once you have an internet connection. So, whether you are sitting at your desk in work, tucked into bed, or on a beach in the Costa Del Sol, you can check to see if you alarm is set or not.

Check your home’s security status from anywhere any time

If you have left the house and you aren’t sure if you set the alarm, rather than going back home, simply take out your Smartphone and when you open the HomeSecure app, you can see the status of your alarm.

home alarm app

This is especially useful for people who get an alarm for the first time, as we found out that 1 in 5 people regularly forget to set their alarm when they leave their home. First time alarm customers aren’t in the habit of setting their alarm when they leave the home. With 1 in 4 Irish people being a victim to a burglary, it’s vital you set alarm, so you avoid becoming another statistic.

With Christmas now just around the corner, our houses will often be left unoccupied as you visit relatives or venture abroad to just get away from it all and when you’re not in the habit or setting the alarm, the app really is incredibly handy.

Is your home security up to date?

When someone is away on holiday, they are most likely to use their alarm, with 87% of people setting their alarm system when they go on a trip. Surprisingly only 60% of people actually set their alarm at night. Again, this could be simply down to the age of the alarm and it may not have a function to support this. With the HomeSecure™ ZeroWire™ alarm, you can put your alarm on the Stay Mode enabling your perimeter sensors. Your alarm will activate if someone tries to gain entry to your home, but your family can walk around without setting off any of the motion sensors. With the majority of burglaries in Winter occurring between 5pm – 11pm. Setting the alarm to Stay Mode can give you serious peace of mind.

The HomeSecure app can also be integrated with further home automation products such as our Z-Wave Smart Plug, which enables you control whatever is plugged into that socket. You can remotely switch off items that are charging so they don’t overheat or automate lamps to come on a certain time, every time, every day. Future proof your home with the HomeSecure smartphone app.

For more information on how home alarm app works, please call 1800 911 740.