5 Quick Home Security Tips For The Upcoming Cold Snap

We’ve been warned about it for the last few days and today the snow is arriving. The cold snap has been moving across around Europe the last few days and the freezing winds have been coming over from Siberia; the storm has been aptly named ‘The Beast from the East’.

Met Éireann have issued a status orange warning from 3pm today (Tuesday 27th) until 11am Wednesday (28th), with the worst of the weather expected to arrive on Thursday, with Storm Emma bringing Blizzard-like conditions.

The East coast of Ireland are forecasted to get the worst of the snow with Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Laois, Louth, Meath and Wicklow predicted to get up to 6cm of snow by Wednesday morning.

Although snow days often bring excitement for kids and adults alike, we have added a few home security tips to help stay safe during the upcoming cold snap.

1) Stay indoors and set your alarm

With an orange weather warning in place and the first red warning since Hurricane Ophelia highly likely, we recommend that you stay in-doors as much as possible and have your alarm set at all times. Put your HomeSecure alarm onto the stay mode, to arm your perimeter sensors, to protect your home should anyone try to gain access while you are in the house.

2) Make sure to check in with elderly neighbours

As Theresa Mannion would say, “don’t take unnecessary journeys”, however if you are aware of elderly neighbours that may be vulnerable, please make an effort to visit them and check in that they are okay, have any medication they require, sufficient food supplies and are keeping warm and safe.

3) Always set your alarm when you’re leaving your home

Even if you are just popping out to visit neighbours or out to the shops to stock up on supplies, with icy roads and footpaths, even a routinely short journey can become an unpredictable length. Before you leave, make sure you set your alarm to the away mode to give it the ultimate protection when you’re not home. If you are out and stuck in queues in the shop and you haven’t set your alarm, all our ZeroWire customers can set their alarm from their app. Don’t let your home become a target during the cold weather!

home security snow tips

4) Keep your driveway clear

When you do have to leave your home, please make sure that it driveway is cleared from any snow. Wrap up warm and shovel a clear path to walk and drive in and out of, to avoid accidents.

5) Don’t try any DIY work

For own customers, if the stormy weather does blow off your HomeSecure intruder deterrent box, please do not try to re-fit it yourself. We always recommend leaving any work like this, big or small to our HomeSecure engineers, but especially in the predicted icy conditions we don’t recommend anyone getting up on a ladder. Please notify our HomeSecure customer service team on info@homesecure.ie or 1800911730 and we will come to fix it as soon as possible.

Stay warm and stay safe from everyone at HomeSecure.ie!

P.S. Your ZeroWire alarm panel will work if there is a power outage for up to 24 hours