60% of Irish People Believe Burglaries Are Increasing

The results of a recent independent Home Security survey, conducted by Accuracy Research on behalf of HomeSecure.ie, may indicate that rate of home break-ins aren’t slowing down.

With 1 in 4 of us reporting being a prior victim of a home intrusion; Dubliners rank highest with 40% of Dublin residents reporting a previous theft from their home.

Surprisingly with 62% of people believing burglaries are on the up, nearly half of Irish households are taking a significant risk by not having an alarm in their home.

Here’s what we found at a glance…

A monitored Home is a safer Home

In 2008 with 95% of activations being false alarms, An Garda Síochána developed a ‘Dual Verification Policy’ aimed at identifying and responding to the 5% of genuine break ins alert.

This simply means that they require two points of verification, before they will respond to a break in. As a monitored alarm company with internal and perimeter sensors, we do provide a dual verification, meaning the Gardaí will respond to a verified break-in in your home.

It’s not surprising to us that over 60% of those surveyed believe they would feel more secure if their home was monitored.

HomeSecure specialise in affordable Dual Verified monitoring

Time to upgrade that alarm

With 1 in 3 of alarms being 10 years or older it’s time that many of us consider making the upgrade to a dual verified, monitored alarm.

HomeSecure.ie are currently offering €100 trade in value for any customer looking to upgrade their old alarm.


Independent Research carried out by Accuracy Research on behalf of HomeSecure. Results based on 1,008 respondents and are nationally representative. Additional security stats taken from on Garda Siochana website site and other industry sources.