How to protect your home this summer

With the sunny stretch of weather we’ve been enjoying lately, it’s safe to say summer is well and truly here. Soon the primary school kids will be joining the college and secondary school students on a highly anticipated summer break. Many houses throughout the day will be getting a lot busier and it is important to give your home the protection it deserves this summer.

There are many ways to secure your home and protect loved ones this summer:

1)      24/7 monitoring protection

chubb monitoring station

This time of the year, we are often out enjoying the nice weather (while it lasts), whether it is a picnic in your local park, a stroll during the longer summer evenings or a family day out at the beach. You may even be lucky enough to head off a sun holiday for a couple of weeks! Whatever you’re up to, it’s safe to say we don’t like spending too long in-doors when summer rolls around. So, it is vital to make sure that your home is protected. At HomeSecure all of our customers receive 24/7, protection from our monitoring station and the nearest available Gardaí unit is alerted if there has been a verified break-in.

2)      House alarm app

hand on home alarm app

When you are out ticking everything off your summer to-do list, the last thing you want to do is turn around, go home and check did you set the alarm. With your HomeSecure smart alarm system, you can check the status of your alarm on your phone! Available to download for free on all Android and Apple devices. all you need is a basic 3G data connection and you can see if your alarm is set or not. If you did forget to set your alarm, simple turn it on from your app.

3)      Stay mode

If you’d prefer to sit in this summer watching the World Cup. You can stay secure when you’re home while you’re in doors with our Stay function. This clever feature switches on your perimeter sensors, so your door and window sensors are live, but your motion sensors are disabled, giving you freedom to walk around your home without setting off the alarm.

4)      Chime feature

Another simple, but effective home security measure is to enable a chime feature. You may be familiar with this chime sound from walking in or out or newsagents in the past, it’s just a short musical tone that sounds when the door has been opened. This can be incredibly useful if you have small kids and live near a busy road. It’s the time of the year where kids are constantly running around the house. The chime feature is a nice safety net, so you know if they have left the home.

For further home security tips, watch our video below: