Home in’vader’ leaves fingerprint on Star Wars tin

A long time ago, in an apartment far far away…. a burglar was arrested after he left his fingerprint on a Star Wars tin! Matthew Douglas, aged 28 who must have been seduced by the dark side broke into several apartments and a car in the Cambridgeshire area last June, stealing electrical items, a briefcase and a star wars tin with the iconic Jedi Master, Yoda on the cover.

(Image credit: Cambridge Police)

(Image credit: Cambridge Police)

As the home in’vader’ left one of the apartments, he was chased and he dropped the tin. Yoda didn’t need to use a Jedi mind trick to help catch the burglar as Douglas had left his fingerprints on the Star wars tin! The Police ‘force’ were able to identify and arrest Mr. Douglas from the fingerprint. Douglas had been known to the police and been seen on CCTV shoplifting from Marks & Spencer and the Co-op just a week prior.

He admitted to two counts of burglary and was sentenced to three years and two months in prison.

Detective Constable Neil Patrick, of the Cambridgeshire force, said: "Over the course of a week Douglas went on a stealing spree with no consideration for others or the distress he may cause."

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