Two Men Impersonating Gardaí, Burglar Louth Home

The Gardaí are looking for two men who impersonated Gardaí to gain entranced into an elderly man’s home yesterday, the 31st of August.

The break-in happened around 12:15pm yesterday afternoon. The event occured on Duleek Street in Drogheda, Co. Louth.  The two men were at the door of the 79-year-old man’s home, claiming to be the Gardaí and when asked for identification, they just forced their way in.

Although the pensioner wasn’t physically attacked in the incident, it's believed that the men did steal around €3,500 in cash from the home.

No arrests have been in relation to the incident as of yet. If you saw anybody looking suspicious in the Drogheda please contact their local Garda station on +353419874200

As the search continues for these men, we urge people in Drogheda and surrounding areas to be wary of people claiming to be a person of authority at the door. 

As a helpful reminder to all of our ZeroWire™ customers, please remember that if you ever found yourself in a similar situation, there is a Garda panic button on your alarm panel. This feature alerts our monitoring station that you may be in distress and provides a guaranteed response in the case of an emergency.

The Garda panic button is located on the bottom left of the panel.

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