See The Benefits Of Home Automation

‘Smart Home’ is quickly becoming a latest tech crazy and now it is becoming a reality. The Smart Home will be a game-changer for how we live our everyday lives; it will be like the difference between a smartphone and our favourite feature phone from the 90’s.

There is often confusion between the terms ‘Smart Home’ and ‘Home Automation’. Simply put, Home Automation is a key feature of any Smart Home and, is usually it’s the first step people take for creating their new Smart Home.

Automation is really the convenience elements of a Smart Home, making your home work for and around your family’s schedule. It can allow you to:

1)     Have self-learning heating schedules, so your house will be nice and toasty when you need it to be, increasing your comfort and saving you on expensive energy bills.

2)     A feature called ‘Geospheres’ can teach your lights,  heating or hot water to come automatically as you arrive home. No more coming home to a dark and cold house!

3)      If you are out and want the house to look like someone is home, simply open your app and turn the living room light on to deter intruders

smart home automation

Home automation and all other smart home devices require a one-off purchase for the central ‘hub’ items which connects to all the other devices. Our ZeroWire™ panel, besides keeping your home safe, is also a home automation hub, allowing you to sync in new products with your WiFi. All your home automation items can be controlled from your HomeSecure app.

As well as our smart ZeroWire™ panel, we offer a Smart Plug, which allows you to remotely switch on and off appliances, saving you money on your energy bills. The Smart Plug is controlled through your HomeSecure mobile app.

With the HomeSecure Smart Plug, you can plug in everyday items, like your kettle, electric blanket or a lamp and you control when they automatically come on every day. If you are out of the house and want to switch on a lamp to make it look like someone is home, you can switch it on (once it’s plugged into your Smart Plug) and turn it on from your smart phone. You can even set gaming systems and computers for example to switch off, when you want the kids to be in bed. If you're worried about items overheating at night, such as your broadband modem or your Christmas lights, automate them to come on and off at a certain time.

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