HomeSecure Customer Story: How My Home Alarm Helped My Heart Scare

Here at HomeSecure, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers secure. We were delighted to recently hear from one of our customers Chris from Co. Meath who wanted to share his story.

Chris, who has been a HomeSecure customer for 18 months unfortunately recently had a health scare, but had his alarm system to thank for a speedy response from the emergency services.

Here’s what he had to say about his recent experience, as he chatted to Kevin in our marketing team:

Kevin: We always love hearing from our customers, thank you for sharing your recent experience with us. Do you mind elaborating on what happened?

Chris: No problem Kevin, yes I unfortunately had to use the emergency buttons on the alarm panel because I had a suspected issue with my heart and couldn’t breathe.

My fiancé was the one to hit the panic button and the HomeSecure alarm system sent the signal into the monitoring station, who called immediately and organized an ambulance to the house. 

I was taking to the hospital where they informed me that I tore a muscle and the pain caused my heart to go a bit funny. It wasn’t anything too serious thankfully and I was back home later that day.

Kevin: Never nice to hear of anyone having a health scare like that, but delighted that we were able to act so quickly for you. What happened after that?

Chris: Later that day, just as I got home actually I received a call from Niamh on HomeSecure’s customer service team to see how everything was if there was anything else they could do me. Fantastic to know the level of care and response that was there, it made a scary situation a lot more pleasant.

Kevin: Thanks so much for the kind words Chris, great to hear the high level of service you received, I hope you’re feeling okay now. Thank you for being with HomeSecure.

Chris: No problem. Yeah I am fine, just need to just take it easy for a week or two. Have to say it is fantastic customer care and peace of mind. I’ve had many different alarm systems over the years, but really have to say HomeSecure’s is the best alarm out there!

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