Cameras Found in Two Recent Airbnb Properties

Is bigger brother watching you? You may have heard of two recent high profiles cases where cameras were found in Airbnb properties. We want to make you aware of what happened and to help educate you more about PIR cameras.

The Barker family from New Zealand, were on holiday in Cork, staying in an Airbnb and discovered a concealed camera in the living room. One of the family members coincidently worked in IT security and knew how to perform a standard check of the WiFi network in their accommodation, here he found an IP camera listed and, upon logging into the camera.  The camera had a live feed and they were quickly able to view themselves on their phone, identifying that was concealed in a smoke alarm case.

Airbnb has since investigated the host and was suspended from the platform.

hidden cameras

This week The Irish Independent revealed that an Irish family, the Conroys from Co Meath were holidaying in Greece discovered security cameras in their Airbnb villa. The cameras were in every room, including the bathroom! The family were suspicious of cameras since they arrived at the property.

“We arrived and the owner said he’d leave the key in the letterbox, but when we got there, there was no key,” Ms Conroy said.

“I called him on my mobile and he said ‘step forward into the garden’ and I thought to myself… ‘it sounds like we’re being watched’.

These cameras weren’t hidden like the place in Cork, they were PIR camera motion sensors. However it is important to remember that these cameras can be accessed at any time, so the owner may likely have been able to see the Conroy’s while they stayed in their home.

PIR sensors have become more common place in the Irish alarm market with their main use being to help identify an intruder if the sensor has been triggered. This does mean that if your alarm is falsely triggered by yourself, someone in a monitoring centre will check the camera images to see if it is yourself or an intruder, so someone is very much looking into your home. You also can’t be 100% sure who is accessing this footage at a given time.

CEO Colm Daly explains how we choose not to go down the camera PIR sensor route. “Based off feedback from our customers we have a made a business decision to stay away from camera sensors as it was seen to be an invasion of privacy. We’re focused on crime prevention rather than crime control, we don’t look to identify if someone in your home is a family member or a burglar, and we focus on making sure nobody gets into your home in the first place. To do this we secure the perimeter of your home as well as the interior. 50% of break-ins occur through a front or back door, so we make sure these areas are covered. Our home security box also states that the home has a ‘monitored alarm’, so burglars will move on to an easier job.“

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