Has your house been marked by burglars?

Earlier this week a new home burglary technique has been reported in Dublin. Homeowners in the North Strand area, have noticed a new peculiar method for marking their houses. The Homeowners have reported concerns over seeing clear sellotape appearing on their door locks. It is believed that the sellotape is a signal to potential burglars or squatters, that the house is unoccupied. The sellotape was extended over the lock and would be cut if a key entered the lock. If the potential burglar notices the sealed sellotape cut over the lock they will know that the home is in regular use.

This follows other house marking techniques in recent month’s being used throughout the country. Burglars are attempting to invent new devious ways to gain access to homes in the capital. The property could be vacant for a number of reasons like probate or holidays.


Dublin City Councilor Ciaran Cuffe shared his thoughts on the incidents, he said “it can be a way of determining whether the building is in use” and he further stated “I could see it being used for sinister uses like burglary, or there may be other reasons.”

This disturbing practice could be used to mark houses quickly and some Homeowners may not notice the clear tape, especially after a busy day of work and in these darker hours it would be almost undetectable at night. We urge all our customer to remain vigilant and to set the alarm to Away mode if leaving the house, keep a watchful eye out on your door locks for any form of tampering.

If sellotape is found on the lock remove it immediately. If you are away for an extended period update your keyholders and ask them to drop by, check on the house and make it look lived in, as burglars are looking for vacant homes for an easy in and out. If you forget to set your alarm while on holiday, just set it to armed using the HomeSecure app.

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