Gardaí Aim To Clamp Down On Repeat Burglar Offenders

The Irish Independent recently revealed that, to help crackdown on repeat burglary offenders, the Gardaí have complied a list of 50 notorious thieves in the Wicklow and South Dublin area. Surveillance operations have been put in place on this list of 50 prolific burglars with an individual detective responsible for each of the 50 on the list.

More than half of the offenders on the so called ‘Filthy 50’ list are from Co. Wicklow and the remaining mainly in South Dublin areas including Ballybrack, Rathfarnham and Tallaght.


The crimes are often being committed by youths, some as young as 15, One 15-year old girl is responsible for 23 shoplifting incidents in the Bray-area alone.

Wicklow Gardaí believe that this new method along with their existing Operation Thor system, they trust they’ll continue to make important arrests. Nine of the Filthy 50 have already been locked up.

We warn our customers in these areas to be attentive and to make sure to take all the necessary home security precautions.

Message to customers

1) Do not leave spare keys out in an easily searched location, including under a mat / plant pot.

2) If you are leaving the house empty, make sure you leave lights and a radio on to deter intruders.

3) Always set your alarm even when you are home, turn it onto the ‘Stay Mode’ to secure your just perimeter sensors while your safe to move freely around your home.

4) Do not leave car keys within reach of your letter box, ‘phishing’ keys is becoming common practice among thieves.

5) Never leave ladders or other objects that could be used to break-in unsecured in your garden.

secure your home against intruders

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