Former Burglars Give Home Security Tips

We always like to provide little tips to help you to be one step ahead of burglars, but now we’re sharing advise direct from a former burglar! Ex-burglar, now security expert, Michael Fraser recently appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ show to help homeowners against break-ins.

Don’t let your calendar invite burglars in

holiday on calendar

One interesting tip the former burglar gave was around the humble calendar. He advised that burglars will look into the windows of homes and see if they can catch any holiday dates marked on the calendar. Home intruders will likely return during the dates marked on your calendar, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be home.

If you do like to have a calendar in your home, make sure you keep it out of sight of potential intruders. Never place it near any doors or windows.

Where should you hide your valuables when you’re on holiday?

John Lewis Home Insurance in the UK recently also performed similar research and asked a group of ex-burglars the best place to hide items. The group said when they broke into homes, they would usually look for high value items in living room drawers or safes that aren’t secured to the floor or a wall.

People often leave cash and car keys in kitchen cupboards. Burglars will also search here. If you’re guilty of one of these hiding places, the group of ex-burglars recommended leaving high value items in cereal boxes or a particular DVD box, as intruders won’t go through every item like this thoroughly, they want a quick in and out. These are more relevant if you’re going on holiday and leaving your home vacant for a couple of week.

burglar crowbar in hand

Fraser said that although many burglars will scope out a house or estate looking to come back when they think it will be quiet, there are also the opportunist burglars. He said these thieves are primarily looking for a home without any security.

Reminder to all HomeSecure customers, that your deterrent box states that your home has a monitored alarm system. We also always look to put a sensor on your door as it is the most common point of entry for intruders.

If you are looking for a monitored alarm to protect your home this summer, contact HomeSecure on 1800911740.