Almost Half of All Burglaries Happen When You're Home! (CSO)

Ireland’s crime and victimisation stats for 2015 were recently revealed by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). Dublin had the highest number of households that were affected by crime, with 13% of homes falling victim to a crime in 2015.

The midlands and the South-West both had the second highest number, with a respective 9% of families fallen victim to criminality.

The safest part of the country remains the West of Ireland, which recorded just 3% of their households involved in a crime.

Worryingly, almost half of all burglaries occurred when someone was in their own home. Although, thankfully this did decrease by 6% from 2003.

8% of all Irish houses experienced some sort of crime, with burglary and theft the highest type, with 3% of households in the Republic fallen victim to one of these misconducts.

62% of overall household crimes were reported to the Gardaí. People who were burgled were more likely to report the incident, with 73% of burglaries reported to the Gardaí.

crime stats in Ireland 2015

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