We are winning the battle against burglaries

The CSO have released their full recorded crime statistics for 2016. We were are delighted to announce that burglaries and related offences have dropped almost 30% from the same period in 2015.

The total number of burglaries and related offences in 2016 was 18,438, which was a decrease of 29.8% after 2015’s total of 26,261. This is the 2nd consecutive annual drop in burglary offenses.

The CSO reported a decrease across the board in all the different areas in their burglary section:

·         Aggravated burglaries down 20.1%

·         Non-aggravated burglaries down 30.1%

·         Possession with intent to steal or demand down 19.2%

These reduced figures were steady throughout the year, with just over 5,000 the worst quarter for recorded burglaries. This compares to 2015 which documented 6,088 as the best and 7,889 as the worst quarter.

2016 Quarterly Burglary Breakdown:

Q1 2016


Q2 2016


Q3 2016


Q4 2016


Ireland burglary stats

HomeSecure.ie CEO Colm Daly believes one of the reasons for this decrease is people are just becoming more security conscious.

“A monitored home alarm is now becoming more of a necessity for people to secure their biggest financial asset. With more couples working full-time, houses are often left unoccupied for long period of the day. Our customers know they need help to secure their home, especially during business hours, which is why we’ve doubled our customer numbers in the last 12 months . We help provide 24/7 monitoring all year round, with a guaranteed instant response from both our monitoring station and, if required, the Gardaí”.

At Homesecure.ie we clearly display on our bell boxes that this house has a monitored alarm. Potential thieves will generally will avoid that home. The CSO previously revealed that monitored home are 2.5 times safer than an unmonitored home.

Although we love reporting good news like this, it’s important not to get complacent. The Gardaí have made huge strides to achieve this feat so far, largely thanks to their highly successful Operation Thor.  In 2017, we aim to help drive the overall number down even further.

If your home is currently unmonitored, intruders may view your home as an ideal target to get in and out quick. With more houses receiving monitored protection, we’re working to reduce the number of potential break-ins and limiting the options for the thieves.

For a full detailed breakdown in the 2016 CSO crime stats, download the PDF

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