CSO Q2 2018 Burglary Stats Revealed

Earlier this week the CSO revealed their crime statistics for Quarter 2 (April – June). They revealed that there were 3,999 burglary and related offences in Ireland in the second quarter of 2018. This figure down 6% nationwide compared to the same period last year.

Burglaries were also as expected down compared to the first quarter of the year, as the evenings got brighter and they did decrease by 9%.

Although overall burglaries were down year on year, aggravated burglaries were up 31% compared to the second quarter of 2017. Aggravated burglaries also increased in quarter two compared to the first three months of the year, up 20% compared to quarter one. There were a total of 67 aggravated burglaries compared to 51 for the same time last year.

Area by area breakdown

Burglary and Related Offences Dublin Region Q2 2018 v 2017

Burglary and Related Offences South Eastern Region Q2 2018 v 2017

Burglary and Related Offences Eastern Region Q2 2018 v 2017

Burglary and Related Offences Southern Region Q2 2018 v 2017

Burglary and Related Offences Western Region Q2 2018 v 2017

Burglary and Related Offences Northern Region Q2 2018 v 2017

The Safest Regions in Ireland

The western region of the country, which includes Clare, Mayo, Galway and the Roscommon / Longford Garda divisions remains the safest in Ireland, with 333 burglaries and related offences from April – June of this year. This is the exact same figure from the same time period of 2017.

Donegal had the biggest decrease year on year, down 35% compared to Q2 2017. Donegal Garda Division only had 51 reported burglaries in Q2 2018, which was only third to Cork West (19) and Cork North (44).

A message for our customers

HomeSecure.ie CEO Colm Daly had this to say on the recent crime stats:

“HomeSecure welcomes the overall drop in burglary rates year on year. However, it is apparent from the figures that the urban areas are seen as more prone to criminal activity and have seen an increase. With particular mention to North County Dublin.

Unfortunately as 60% of break-ins occur when householders are at home. We always recommend to set your HomeSecure alarm to the ‘Stay’ mode and that all family members are fully briefed on the use of the alarm. Also, there is no harm in updating or reviewing Keyholders to ensure they are reminded of responsibility and available if they are called upon.

Remember a HomeSecure home is a monitored home, 25% of activations we deal with are non-crime related such as fire alarm and medical emergencies. Our expert monitoring station are equipped to deal with all types of emergencies, if you are struggling to find your phone in an urgent situation, your panel will always be in the same place and it’s there to help.”

If you are interested to protect your family with a monitored alarm, please call 1800911740 to receive a free home security assessment.