CSO 2017 Crime Stats

In the last week the Central Statistics Office (CSO) released their crime statistics up until the end of 2017. This was the first crime statistics publication from the CSO in nine months. The CSO recently said they were publishing the homicide data and the more recent crime figures “under reservation”, as they continue to have concerns over the quality of the underlying data being reported to them.

Burglaries were up for 2017, with a nationwide increase of 3.3%. Worryingly for residents aggravated burglaries were up 6.1%. Although not as high, non-aggravated burglaries did also increase by 3.7%. In total there were 19,092 burglary and related offenses throughout Ireland last year.

Scroll through the below sheet and see the breakdown for your area:

Dublin saw the highest number of burglaries with a total of 8,199 in 2017. Dublin Eastern Garda Division had the highest number of burglaries for the year at 1714. Cork had over 1,000 burglaries in their three different Garda divisions, the majority of which were in the city. Kildare also had over the 1,000 mark with a total 1,169 reported burglaries in 2017.

Cork West Garda Division had the lowest volume in 2017 and saw a decrease of 17.5% from 2016. Mayo had the lowest for an entire county with 11%.

Westmeath saw the highest increase year on year, up 44%, with over 100 more burglaries in 2017. Kerry also saw a big increase, up 42% from 2016. The Clare Garda Division reported the biggest decrease over the 12-month period, with a decrease of 18%.

Apart from burglaries, there was also an increase in many other areas. Robbery, extortion and hijacking offences also increased over 8% year on year. Theft and related offences were up 7.7% compared to 2016. Homicides increased 18% annually.

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