Are You Fully Carbon Monoxide Aware?

Secure Your Home This Carbon Monoxide Week

Carbon Monoxide week is here for its 6th year running, starting today, 25th September until Sunday 1st October and this year will be supporting Carbon Monoxide Week to help raise awareness about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide in Ireland.

We’re sure you’ve seen the ads starring Tommy McAnairey, the singing canary who tell us out the dangers of carbon monoxide. This week, we aim help future educate you about the need to know facts, how to tell the symptoms of carbon monoxide and dispel any myths about the best place to fit your carbon monoxide alarm.

Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer”, because you can’t see it, taste it or smell it. At a high level, it can actually kill in under three minutes. In fact, this silent killer takes on average the life of six people in Ireland every year.

So, how is it so powerful? Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas and that prevents your body from properly transporting oxygen.

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Where does it comes from?

CO can be produced by any fuel when burned – coal, turf, oil, gas or even wood.
This can come from many household appliances:
• Wood burning commonly found in your fireplace
• Natural gas stoves
• Hot water heaters
• Oil heaters

What causes dangerous levels of CO?

Carbon monoxide is produced when fuels, including oil and gas don't fully burn. The smoke from cigarettes can even cause it. If the above mentioned items are incorrectly installed, poorly maintained or have bad ventilation it can cause carbon monoxide to build up. 

We think it’s safe to say that the above points are relevant to every Irish-household, so it’s vital that your home is getting the protection it deserves. Despite the dangers, 2 in 5 homes in Ireland do not have a CO alarm. If you aren’t currently protected, make sure your home is secure against the perils, before you curl up in front of the fire this Winter.

How do I protect my home from a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide?

  • Sweep your chimney once a year
  • Ensure fuel burning appliances are properly installed by a qualified agent and serviced annually
  • Keep vents and chimneys free at all times, ensuring they have proper ventilation
  • Most importantly, install a carbon monoxide alarm
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We’re offering a free carbon monoxide this week!

To help further protect homes in Ireland, are giving away a free stand-alone Ei Electronics carbon monoxide alarm for every new customer who signs up during Carbon Monoxide Week 2017. First time alarm customers can get a monitored home alarm for €199, if you have an existing alarm, trade it in and get a brand-new system for just €99. The free carbon monoxide alarm is free with both our €199 and €99 offers.

For more information call 1800911740

Stay up to date

Look out for Gas Network Ireland’s hashtag on Twitter #COAwarenessWeek for the latest security tips throughout the week.