Burglars Break-Into Limerick Restaurant With Pick Axe

After our recent post about a string of burglaries across Limerick, there has been another intrusion in the county.

A Limerick restaurant is planning on moving to becoming completely cashless after numerous break-ins. They’ve been broken into three times in as many months, most recently last week when three men forced their way through a steel door with a pick axe!

Video credit: Irish Independent

The video shows the men smashing their way into the restaurant. They can be seen breaking down doors (possibly in search for a safe or expensive equipment), then making their way to the till and eventually fleeing.

The restaurant owner Sabrina Amodeo says she is now going to make this and her other premises cashless, after the attacks. Although no money was taken in any of the break-ins, the intrusions have been very stressful on Amodeo. She believes that the same gang are responsible for all the intrusions.

“They are in and out in five minutes. We are going cashless in all our businesses. We feel we have no choice. They are clearly looking for cash and I’m not going to give them the incentive.”

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