Recent string of daytime burglaries in Limerick

There have been a number of burglaries in the county and city of Limerick over the last few weeks. One house was burgled when the homeowner left for just 15 minutes!

Three properties were targeted during the day in Dromcollogher, Rathkeale and AbbeyFeale, Jewellery and cash was taken from all of these homes. There were a further three incidents during that week where burglaries occurred through a patio door. The burglars entered in three different ways to those homes. In one instance the door was removed from the frame in another they forced their way in by smashing the door and in the final incident they found the door unlocked.


The first incident occurred on the Old Cratloe Road between 1pm and 1:15pm, where the owner had only been gone from the home for 15 minutes and returned to find cash had been stolen. The owner had forgotten to lock the door before leaving the home.

We recommend to our customer to ensure that their doors and windows are securely locked before they leave and to set their alarm in the Away Mode even if only leaving for a few minutes. Recently, Limerick Divisional crime officer at Henry Street, Sergeant Ber Leetch echoed the importance of using your alarm and making sure your home is securely locked leading up to Christmas “Avoid burglaries at Christmas – Secure all doors and windows and use your alarm. Don’t leave Christmas presents in view from the outside of your home.”

For more information on securing your home with a monitored alarm before Christmas, call 1800 911 740.