Police in the UK Find Map of Burglary Crime Scene in Suspect's Bin

We love a good’ burglary gone wrong story’ and one of our new favourites is a recent break-in of a shopping centre in Middlesborough in the UK.

The burglar, Robert Mackenzie smashed his way (with the help of an axe) into a shopping centre in the North East of England in the early hours of the morning.  

He stole almost €55,000 worth of high-end electronic goods and caused around €7,000 worth of irreparable damages to the Tech Corner store in the shopping centre. Unfortunately for Mackenzie, he was spotted on CCTV and police identified him. He also spilled some blood at the scene of the crime.

But his positive ID and DNA at the scene weren’t the really satisfying part of this crime… The burglar had left a drawing of a map of the store he broke into in his bin, which the police found when they went to his home.

(Picture: Cleveland Police)

(Picture: Cleveland Police)

Mackenzie was arrested and has now been sent to prison for a minimum of three years. He admitted to the crime as well as breaking into a neighbour’s home two days after the shopping centre.

As unfortunately not all burglars will draw a picture of a home that they’re breaking-into, make sure your alarm is switched on at all times to notify our monitor station if there has been an attempted burglary in your home.

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