Teen Breaks into Home and Wakes up Homeowner for Wi-Fi Password

A teenager in Palo Alto, California broke into a home on July 22nd after midnight, only to wake up the homeowners, but rather than threatening the couple, he only wanted to ask a simple question. The intruder, who was covering his face woke the couple in their 60s, all he was looking for the password to connect to their Wi-Fi. The burglar did take two knives from the home, but the victims weren’t attacked and nobody was injured. Officers determined the suspect had climbed into the home after cutting a screen covering an open window in the side yard.

The male in his 60s removed the intruder, shoving the 17-year old out of their room and then out of the home entirely. They then called the police and he was apprehended shortly thereafter.

The police in Palo Alto said that this may not be only time the youth tried to get someone’s Wi-Fi that night. Shortly before entering the home of this couple in their 60’s there was another reported incident where a couple was disturbed by a teenage male, who was outside their window trying to get their attention. The teenager was saying that he was out of data and looking for their Wi-Fi password.

Here in Ireland, we are usually a bit behind American trends, so if these Wi-Fi thieves are on the way, remember to set your home in the Stay mode at night and our monitoring station will be notified if someone tries to gain access to your home.

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