Elderly Man Recovering from Burglary in Tipperary

Gardaí are appealing for information relating to an aggravated burglary in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, which happened late last night (8th May). The attack was on an elderly couple, Jim Campion (94) and his wife Mary (87).  

Jim was assaulted and is currently beating treated with head injuries in Portlaoise after an intruder entered the Campion residents late last night in search for cash and other goods. Mary Campion is thankfully meant to be unharmed of any physical injuries.

It’s believed that the criminal entered through a side window. RTÉ News announced that it is the 2nd time in recent years has been burgled.

Local residents were understandably in shock and Jim Campion was described as a gentleman by his neighbours.

Emergency services were contacted around 11:40pm last night, we believe after the burglar has left. Gardaí have asked for anybody to come forward if they saw someone acting suspiciously late last night. If you do have anything that could help, please ring Roscrea Garda Station on 0505 24230.

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