7 Seasonal Security Tips

Christmas Home Security Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when Santa comes down the chimney and the family tuck into their turkey and ham. However, it’s important to remember that is also a burglar’s favourite time of the year. To help secure your home this Christmas, we’ve provided our seven seasonal security tips.

1.      Box Clever

This time of the year more than any other, we purchase many high value products, including game consoles, TVs, laptops etc. It’s important not to advertise your purchases to passers-by who may be taking note of houses with many expensive items boxes sticking out of or beside their bins. If you do have excess cardboard from high-priced products, we recommend that you visit your local recycling centre as often as possible, to avoid a build up and an overload when your bins are being collected.

2.      Social Media Management

social media security

In this day and age, we like to share almost everything on social media, but around Christmas it is advisable to be wary of posting our luxurious gifts. Burglars have been known to scan profiles to find people sharing items, such as laptops and TVs and then watching your house to see when you leave. As it’s unlikely, you’ll be bringing a laptop with you when you pop out.

Also, if you’re jetting off on holiday getting some sun this Christmas or maybe you’re hitting the ski slopes, we suggest not tagging yourself in the Airport and uploading photos until you are home, as you’d be simply advertising that your home is unoccupied.

3.      O Christmas Tree

Many of us take a lot of pride in our Christmas tree, but we urge you to be careful where you place it. If it is too close to your window and someone can see some of the gifts under your tree, they may be eyeing-up your presents. If they are close to a door or window, an intruder could view this as a quick way to break-in, grab some items and gain a swift and easy exit.

For your own home’s security, remember to never leave Christmas lights on constantly over the Christmas period. With the HomeSecure SmartPlug, you can use your smartphone app to remotely switch off items including Christmas lights, once they are plugged into the SmartPlug. You can also set them to a daily timer, so they turn on every evening at 5pm and switch off at 11pm for example. Leaving lights on all the time, increases your risk of plugs overheating and catching fire.

4.      Make sure your alarm is always on; even if just calling into your neighbours

It’s a time of the year where we are either out visiting family members and neighbours or we’re at home enjoying a nice Christmas movie as a family, but we encourage you to set your alarm system at all times.

If everyone is heading out (even just to go to a neighbour to drop-off presents), please remember to set your alarm in the away mode, which gives your home the ultimate protection; arming all your perimeter and interior sensors.

When you are home, you should set your alarm to the stay mode, at day or night. This will arm the perimeter sensors, but disable the motion sensors, so your family can walk around in peace, enjoying the comforts of your own home.

5.      Lock your doors and windows

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Your doors are the most common entry point for intruders, with 53% of winter break-ins occurring through a front, back or side door. Vulnerable windows are also targeted by burglars, so it’s critical that you lock your doors and windows even when your home to fully secure your house.

6.      Have a car parked in the drive if you’re away

If you are away for a long period of time, either heading abroad on holidays or driving to the other side of the country to visit relatives, we recommend leaving a car in the drive to make it look like someone is home.

If you don’t have a 2nd car, we suggest asking a neighbour if possible to park a car in your driveway.

7.      Leave a light on

christmas security tips

Making it look like somebody is home is an extremely strong deterrent from your house being targeted in the first place. Again, as it’s a time of the year when the house is left unoccupied, as you do some last-minute Christmas shopping or visiting friends and family. Leaving a light on is a tried and tested method of making it look like someone is in. With a Smart LED Bulb, you can turn a lightbulb on from your HomeSecure App, if you are out or if you have a lamp plugged into one of SmartPlugs, you can remotely control when it comes on from your smartphone.