10 Christmas Home Security Tips

Christmas, the season of giving is right around the corner. Unfortunately, it’s also the season of taking! Christmas is a prime time for break-ins, with people often out of the house, darker hours and houses stuffed with expensive gifts.

We don’t mean to sound all bah humbug, but we want you and your family’s home to be safe, so you can fully enjoy Christmas without worrying about the Grinch visiting your home.

Here’s HomeSecure’s top tips for a safer home this Christmas.

1) Leave A Light On

At Christmas, we all do the rounds visiting our family, friends and in-laws. Going house to house often leaving your own home vacant. With the extended darker hours, it can be pretty obvious when someone isn’t home. Leaving a light on can be the difference in someone attacking or avoiding your home. It may be an old trick, but it’s an effective one.

2) Hide Those Gifts

People are generally pretty savvy with their purchases when they hit the stores before Christmas, by hiding them in their car boot or under a seat, to avoid onlookers seeing your gifts.

However, many of us leave gifts on display on our homes (which costs quite a lot more than your average car).

People often stack their wrapped gifts under the tree, which can be visible for passers-by.

However, many of us leave gifts on display on our homes (which costs quite a lot more than your average car). People often stack their wrapped gifts under the tree, which can be visible for passers-by.

christmas security tips

Also on Christmas Day, people unwrap their gifts, but leave them in their window, so onlookers can see what you’ve got.

Sounds obvious, but keep your new favourite gadget away from prying eyes.

3) Lock Your Doors

Even if you’re just visiting the relatives or if you’re nipping out to the shop after that last minute gift. Just because you’re leaving for just a few minutes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lock all of your doors, burglars will look to get in and out in a couple of minutes.

4) Lock Your Windows

As well as your doors, it’s important to remember to lock your windows, which is another main point of entry for burglars. A lot of houses these days have Christmas lights plugged in their homes, which run through their windows, leaving them slightly ajar. This would certainly be inadvisable to do over night or when you’re away.

5) Smarter Deliveries

As online shopping increases in popularity every year, many of us get gifts delivered to our home and sometimes they arrive when we aren’t home. To avoid leaving parcels on your doorstep (advertising that you aren’t home) get them delivered to a neighbour or relative that you know will be home if possible.

6) Social Media Management

social media security tip

It’s not just teenagers who post their fancy gifts on social media these days. People of all ages flood social timelines on Christmas Day with their favourite presents from their loved ones. However, you have to bear in mind that you’re posting this out to hundreds (if not thousands) of people and are all these people really your ‘friends’? It’s become common practice for burglars to scan social networking timelines or use search bars to track down expensive items such as iPhones, laptops and jewelry.

7) Don’t Advertise Your Gifts

Similar to your deliveries, don’t leave boxes of expensive gifts visible. It’s wise not to have iMac or PS4 boxes sticking out of your recycling bin, because it’s an advertisement that you have expensive gifts inside. This is particularly relevant after the Christmas period.

8) Christmas Carols

Sad it is may sound, you even have to be wary of Christmas carollers! It is one of the view times of the year that we will open our door to strangers, so be cautious that they may be distracting you so someone else can enter through a back or side door. It can be advisable not to have everyone at home at the door listening to the carolling.

9) Christmas Tree Lights

We all remember to turn off the Christmas tree lights before we go to bed or leave the house, right? Please don’t take unnecessary chances, install a Smoke Alarm, better still there are now smoke alarms available which will notify your phone should they go off when you’re not at home.

10) Chestnuts roasting over an open fire

We all love the Nat King Cole Classic, but if Christmas time is the when you first light your fire you could have a block in your chimney pot. Carbon Dioxide is a silent killer, make sure you have a carbon dioxide detector. While there are differing opinions on what height to install your carbon dioxide detector we recommend it install it at least 2ft below ceiling height. This is as heated air can form a layer near your ceiling which can prevent the Carbon Monoxide from reaching a ceiling detector. Also avoid installing it near a heater of cooking device and instead install it somewhere that will wake up should the alarm sound at night.

HomeSecure CEO, Colm Daly reminds families to be careful for the upcoming holiday period and highlights the benefits of a monitored home alarm.

“Christmas and New Year are a time to take a well-deserved break and spend time with friends, family and neighbours. With a HomeSecure.ie monitored alarm you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we will provide protection either while at home or away from your house.

We provide a daily health check to ensure your alarm is always functioning correctly. We are on hand 24 hours a day during the break to ensure you and your family are fully protected and can enjoy this special time of the year..”


We hope that we have opened your eyes to the dangers that come with ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. Don’t make it a wonderful time for your local burglars, take the steps above to secure your gifts, family and overall home.

For further protection you can install a monitored home alarm and a smart smoke and carbon dioxide detector. Order before the 19th of December to ensure you have it in time for Christmas!

For more information on a home monitored alarm please call our sales team on 1800 911 740.