Burglars striking as homeowners leave for daily exercise

Burglars haven’t been taking a break during the nationwide lock down. Gardaí have been alerted to a recent string of burglaries across Dublin, Kildare, Limerick and Tipperary; as well almost half a dozen break ins in Cork City alone.

Gardaí believe that intruders are watching homes, waiting for homeowners to leave for their daily exercise or a trip to the shops. Mainly looking to grab cash and smaller valuables.


Local Cork North-Central TD Thomas Gould warned that communities should support the Gardaí in cracking down on such criminals seeking to cruelly exploit the pandemic.

“This is the second weekend on the trot in Cork where such incidents have been reported,” the newly elected Sinn Féin TD warned.

“I am asking the Gardaí to adopt a zero-tolerance approach with these criminals who carry out these robberies.

“I am also requesting that neighbours keep a wary eye out for suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods.

“A vital part of this will be taking extra care to mind and look out for the elderly in their communities.”

Advise for HomeSecure customers

We’d like to remind all customers to set your alarm to the Away Mode, whenever you leave your home even if it just a short trip to the shops. Remember, you can always check your app to make sure you armed your system, before you set off on your journey.

Even when you’re at home, you should arm your Stay Mode, so you’ll be alerted if someone tries to gain access to your home.

monitoring station

Our 24/7 monitoring station is open

Don’t get complacent about your home security even when your family are home for the day. Burglars are still on the lookout for venerable homes. You may now have a set routine for your daily exercise, burglars often look for patterns, so adding some variety could help throw them off. If possible, for larger families, try to stagger your walks, so you aren’t all leaving at once.

Remember our monitoring centre is a first response service, so will remain open 24/7 throughout the lock down, providing you with an immediate response if an intruder tries to get into your home.

If you’re looking to further protect your home with a monitored alarm please call 1800911740 today.

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